About Us

We are a small friendly club located in southeast Calgary. Our classes are conducted in an enjoyable and safe environment.

At Calgary Aikido for Daily Life (CADL) we practice aikido principles, using traditional martial art techniques as the vehicle to explore their application to everyday life. For example, how we choose to respond to a difficult situation will often determine the outcome. Interestingly, the conflict could be with a bully in the school playground, or an antagonistic work colleague.

Class sizes are strictly limited.

We offer a "no falling" class where students can learn standard aikido techniques adapted to their physical abilities. We also offer the "no falling" option in the regular class.

We are a member of Yuishinkai International under the direction of Koretoshi Maruyama 8th Dan in Japan. We are affiliated to Aikido for Daily Life in the UK and, in particular, we work closely with Burwell Aikido (UK) under the direction of Quentin Cooke 7th Dan.

What makes us different?

  • We explore the use of effective techniques, and not just well rehearsed choreography.
  • Small class sizes allow greater personalized attention.
  • Our testing process is conducted in-house. Therefore, we are not reliant upon a visiting sensei to be in town to conduct a grading examination.
  • Class sizes are structured such that each student works at their own pace. We do not subscribe to the theory that one size fits all.
  • Our focus is on the application of aikido principles to everyday life, as such the traditional aikido techniques are employed as a means to that end.