I like the discipline and all the focus you gain. I like learning techniques and all the nice kids you meet. I started aikido because my Dad did it and I wanted to learn a martial art. I think I made the right choice when I started and I do not think that I will quit.

- Sebastian (11 years old)

Aikido has given our son a focus in his life which is reflected in his relating better to friends and school environment.

- Phillipa

The soft style taught here allows one to practise into our later years with emphasis placed upon effective technique and less on physicality.

- Bert and Vicky

I am learning to replace strength with relaxed power and greater freedom

- Henry Trautman

Since we are learning on many different levels this beats the sheer monotony of riding a bike or jogging. One phrase that sticks in the mind is "stillness within movement"

- Ron M.

I am 47 years old and have been practicing various martial arts for about 16 years. However, over time I have accumulated injuries which have caused me to be less mobile and lose flexibility. When I discovered aikido I realized that the ageing process can be slowed and this has led to a number of benefits:

  1. Providing a good physical workout in which I can participate.
  2. Increasing concentration.
  3. Increasing balance.
  4. Increasing flexibility.

Added to these benefits, the increase in self confidence which comes from being better able to defend myself from a physical attack and not rely on physical strength have led to an improved enjoyment of life.

- Tom Dolan


Gordon Thomas is a dedicated teacher of Aikido. He doesn’t just hand down old knowledge; he actively pursues his own training, seeks out the highest level teachers to work with and keeps on getting better. He goes beyond mere technique and is actively interested in the personal development of his students via Aikido training. Finally, he is a genuinely nice guy. A good teacher to work with.

- George Ledyard, 7th Dan Aikido Schools of Ueshiba.

Some aikido students try to copy their instructors' movements. Some aikido students try to understand why a movement should be done the way it's done. The second type of student will understand more than they are shown and grasp the meaning of aiki. Gordon is the second kind of student.

- Paul Linden, 6th dan aikido

I have been involved in the martial arts community for a very long time. Specifically the art of Aikido. I have studied many physical and philosophical teachings within the art itself. Nowhere else have I found a teacher that so fully brings it all together as Gordon does.

- Steve Ockey

It takes a certain strength of character, to be part of a structure for years and indoctrinated in the way it is structured and taught, and then to have the courage to question the system and ultimately to recognise that you have to break away from your friends and colleagues to follow your heart.

Gordon Thomas is such a man. He has been that extra mile to find out what the founder of aikido said it was all about, and with that knowledge, used his critical faculties to see if that matched what he was being shown. Having come to the conclusion that this was not the case, he has made the brave decision to found Aikido for Daily Life in Canada, and teach students that aikido is about so much more than the small number of hours spent on the mat. In fact what we learn there simply provides the tools to live our lives and to help others live their lives in a more fulfilling way.

Gordon is about as passionate about aikido and what it can do for the world as almost anyone else I have ever met. He has the benefit of many years of study that allows him to understand the technical aspects of the art, whilst not losing sight of its purpose, which is ultimately to create peace within yourself and from there with the world outside you.

I feel certain that anyone training in his dojo will have the chance to learn in a creative and safe environment that encourages learning throughout the group.

- Quentin Cooke, Chair of Aikido for Daily Life
Director of Aiki Extensions, 7th Dan Yuishinkai.